Compassionate Communication
Workshop for Couples & Singles

The quality of your relationship is based on the quality of your communication -- when your communication falls apart, so does your relationship.

That is why I created a workshop to help you maintain Compassion, Care, and Connection...  even in the MOST CHALLENGING, emotionally charged situations.

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If you are ready to:

  • Deal with the differences, decisions, difficulties and even the drama that shows up in almost all relationships
  • Compassionately communicate in a fashion that brings you closer so that both of you feel heard, understood, and valued, no matter how far apart your points of view are ...
  • Be Courageously Vulnerable rather than manipulative in asking for what you really want and need in your relationship...
  • Master a simple and powerful 4-step communication method that creates compassion, clarity and SWEET CONNECTION ...

Damn! That was a lot of information to process...  but it's a really important, so please read it again.

Did you? Just checking ... 😉

Tools You Will Gain:

  • How To RESPOND vs. REACTING when your partner does something that drives you crazy, pushes your buttons, pisses you off, and hurts your feelings.
  • How To HANDLE those times when both of you want your needs met NOW with love and understanding.
  • How To MEET Your 7 core needs -- and your partners without manipulation, compromise or begging.
  • How To How To Be HEARD, UNDERSTOOD & VALUED when your communication matters most...
  • How To Handle CONFLICT quickly, courageously and compassionately so you that it brings you closer...
  • How To HEAL Your PAST so you be present and have a whole new world of possibility in your future.



Santa Cruz, California


Dec 15, 2017

For more than 20 years, couples have come to me as a relationship coach when they were feeling stressed out, helpless, hopeless, and heartbroken about the way they were handling conflicts, misunderstandings, and upsets.

They were smart, successful and really loved each other, but they were stuck in a downward spiral toward relationship hell and didn't know how to stop it.

In fact, sometimes everything they tried ... just made it worse!!!

After helping enough of these couples to turn things around I picked up a pattern.

Actually three patterns.

Six Big, Bad-Ass, Relationship-Wrecking Patterns that created most of my clients' problems.

I call these patterns the 6 RELATIONSHIP MONSTERS. But unlike the monsters from the Disney movie, these can do some real damage.

These 6 RELATIONSHIP MONSTERS cause most of the upsets, misunderstandings, and conflicts in your relationship ...  and when they get out of control, they can WRECK your relationship!

Handle them ... and you end up with much more passion, partnership, intimacy, and understanding.

In these 2 hours, you will experience an amazing compassionate communication method that will help you navigate the day-to-day challenges with your self-esteem and relationships intact ...  maybe even better than ever.

What You Will Learn:

  • The 6 Relationship Monsters that cause most of the upsets, misunderstanding and conflicts in your relationship.
  • What is really going on when your emotions get hijacked ... so you can regain control when triggered, and avoid the downward spiral to relationship hell.
  • Why most relationship tips, tools and techniques fail you when you need them most.
  • The part of your brain that is almost dead-set on destroying your relationships ... and how to disarm it.

Isn't it time to...

This is for you if you:

  • You are a couple in crisis and need to make some immediate big changes to save your relationship.
  • You are a couple stuck in a rut where the same issues keep showing time and time again without being resolved.
  • You are a couple in good shape and want some tools and techniques to increase the amount of love, intimacy, and understanding you experience daily.
  • You are single and you want to know ‘what went wrong’ in your last relationship, and what to do differently in your next one.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want to use these tools to manipulate your partner and get your way.
  • You just want to blame your partner.
  • You are just looking for a quick fix and not willing to make some deep personal changes.
  • You are not willing to look at your habits, patterns, and beliefs that may be running and wrecking your relationship.
  •  You are not willing to take responsibility for creating the relationship of your dreams.


Paul Sterling created the Magic Relationship Method, after studying communication for over twenty years ... and teaching it for over fifteen years.

After years of wondering where his relationships were going wrong and studying everything he could about relationships, Paul came across the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Paul was floored by the simplicity and effectiveness of this communication model to help him in his relationships -- intimate, social, and even business.

During those years, Paul trained in neuro-linguistic programming and neuro-associative conditioning, plus he studied with Anthony Robbins and Bob Proctor (of The Secret) and became certified to teach The Work of Byron Katie.

He combined all of this knowledge with his experience and his imagination to create the Magic Relationship Method -- which can now help you to improve YOUR relationships.

Paul has consulted for governments and businesses, and taught his communication method in high schools, universities, churches, and prisons. He has taught from Hawaii to Hong Kong and from Alabama to Alaska.

He has been interviewed by numerous newspapers, TV shows, and radio talk shows around the U.S.  He has even made appearances on Russian news programs and has written his own column on communication.


Sequoia Stafford Scott is a conscious intimacy and relationship coach for men, women and couples.

She combines over 20 years of transformational training, energy healing modalities, shamanist practices, and Tantric Yoga practice to the art of teaching Conscious Coupling. Her work in the field is liberating, healing and expanding the love lives of couples all over the world.

What Others Are Saying

"Before participating in your workshop, I was clear on what I wanted from my relationship but lost on how to go about getting it.

Your seminar clarified for me not only how to clearly identify what I am seeking but how to connect it to my feelings and needs as well as to see how they influence the feelings and needs of those important persons in my life.

The important component that I was missing and that I learned via the workshop was asking for what I needed. Now, I'm able to close the communication loop. Thanks for the insights."

-- R. K, Los Angeles, CA

"I recognize how I am constantly building cases against people. Just that alone has radically impacted my relationships."

-- D. H., Ithaca, NY

"After just the initial two-hour session my husband and I were able to use those tools on our own upsets... We were an hour and a half into our drive home when I realized we were talking about our toughest issues with calm compassion and understanding instead of upset and hurt. Thank you so much for such an amazing gift."

-- S. J., Estes Park, CO

"I believe that my communication will never be the same because of a gift I received from Paul in the Compassionate Communication Workshop that I took."

-- G. C. Boulder, CO